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招软件测试工程师 主题 [复制链接]

1# Luke <士兵>
OPPO俄罗斯 诚招软件测试工程师若干名:- L- i( L- e! R6 h$ z' y, h
% l( k# H( Y, [7 O身份不限,华人、俄罗斯人均可,懂中文会高优先考虑,不会中文需要有英文交流能力,待遇面谈。
' I3 a) B- ?4 n6 p2 Q职责如下:- D# ]" D$ C' u' C9 f. e
Respibilities:7 k$ f* l5 a1 }: A1 J" x
1. Functional / performance / compatibility / network /Third-part app testing of smartphones., W% s7 f8 Y9 G" t4 F+ }) f
2. Analyse, submit, track and handle bug, keep efficient communication with headquarter.
7 Y' `. N" `! ]3. Execute testcase and submit high-quality reports, also can give valuable suggestion of         optimizing testcase or method.
" U, |4 G! b1 I4. Based on requirements, write or update test plans and schedules for projects.
+ L( J( x6 }! W/ W, _: s- C5. Skillfully use automation test tools and scripts to improve test efficiency.& c2 |9 C3 h% W4 n; o8 {! S

& _* ^! V! S0 Q, J1 u/ o' PRequirements:
5 a) }: ^1 V: w0 Q6 X3 O) J* f- d1. Familiar with phone function and telecommunication knowledge.( H( _" G9 F9 G
2. Familiar with basic software testing theory and methods, software test management process.: y2 {1 E, `  L7 u* `
3. Good learning ability, understanding ability and analysis ability. Strong desire to improve learning, quickly
% Q" n$ c1 `, {    adapt to changes in technology and the environment.- E/ q" i% C7 H4 a! W  |, s9 m% Q
4. Strong communication skills, independent and proactive, strong sense of resp ibility; i) x3 h2 L  p9 R. F0 ]" V
5. Strong sense of teamwork and identification with OPPO company culture.
0 {3 @7 e9 [7 e& Y' b# P9 q" ^) S6. Bachelor degree or above, major in Teleommunication, Electronics, Computer Science and related fields.
: x" l% q8 ?2 B! \; y% u1 U1 [7. Fluent English and Russian of oral speaking and writing.
% U8 C8 [+ R$ q+ M% y. T8. Person who be capable of Chinese will be given with higher priority.+ v- O1 [. ]$ G. v7 R

6 {8 k5 q; q2 t/ S! o+ NAdress:/ O, l5 c- y% H- g  B
Москва, Пресненская набережная, 8с1
% ?0 N$ B/ Q. q0 p/ F5 ?5 M' I5 ?8 [9 d1 o2 A" a
有意者请发简历至:lijianqiang@oppo.com( s: _! T* F$ Z3 J5 O% x

8 z- [$ U4 `& s+ t
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2# Luke <士兵>
" N2 c8 K- P( ]2 y/ W' |+ T1 o; I微信号:995349951" f0 k" b: M0 L/ L1 l5 h
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